Writing the Invisible person into a story

Hi all
This is a shout out to anyone that might be able to offer some adveice.
I can’t seem to get 1 project finished before I move on to another.
I had started a children’s adventure story and during the work on that had another idea so skipped on. I eventually started another short story, which I have finished but I am not entirely happy with it.

The main character suffers from a psychiatric illness, basically talking to someone that does not exist, I was trying to write the dialogue between them without actually letting it out early on that the person is not real.
Any tips?
It just doesn’t seem to flow as easily as i would like it to.
All input welcome


Sunday Photo Fiction : Rainy Day Fund

Every week on a Sunday, a new photo is used as a prompt for Flash Fiction challenge using around 200 words based on that image.


This Weeks image was The Bell


As he made his way up the stairs he heard the bell toll, 

‘’oh heck’’ he thought, ‘’ Church is finished already , I need to get a move on.’’

He hadn’t planned on this job taking so long, he knew that church lasted approximately 45 minutes and that it would take the family 8 minutes to get back to the house, it was the bloody new locks that had been installed that had tripped him up. He was expecting that the key he had would let him in without any time wasted, wishful thinking.

He reached the upstairs study and made straight for the large mahogany desk in the corner, this was where the key to the safe was kept. He had seen his Dad lock and unlock the safe a thousand times, but that seemed a long time ago now.

There is was, in its usual place in the top drawer. Pulling it out he turned straight to the wall and lifted down the family picture, he paused briefly, remembering when the photograph was taken. They were a happy family back then. No problems back then.

He dropped the picture with a crash. He put the key in the lock and turned the key. This was it, he knew that the families rainy day fund was kept here. It would not be much but it would have to do for now. He pulled open the door and…

It was empty,

How could this be. The only thing inside the safe was a white envelope with his name scrqwled across it.

Inside he pulled out the note.

You need help son. We have made an appointment for you at the White Oaks Rehabilitatin clinic for Tuesday 15th, 10am. Please meet us there. We can beat this addiction together.

Love Mum & Dad

He couldn’t control the tears, he crumpled in a heap on the floor and sobbed uncontrollably.

‘’They still love me’’, he wept, ‘’after all that I have done. They still love me’’




He stormed down the stone staircase to the damp dungeons below.
‘It is my likeness carved in stone on the city walls, I am King of this Land’’
‘’It was I who led them to victory against the Crozler clan, and they defy me…’’
He threw open the large wooden door to the torture chamber and stepped inside, the walls were lined with instruments of torture, some still stained with the blood of their many victims, he chose the largest axe and hoisted it down of its hook, turning around he walked purposely towards the end of the room to where she lay, tied to the wooden wheel..
‘’You, my wife, how could you betray me ? We were meant to rule this world together..’’
Those were his final words, he never saw the sword swung at his neck by his own son.
‘’Its ok Mother, WE will rule together’’

Response to Simple Love

The first bottle of milk, all 10mls of it, was a better feeling than one could imagine..

The first spoon feed, yes it was messy but it was progress

The first successful finger food experience, the first sign that yes, she could be independent.

The first unaided step, perhaps it was a stumble, but in the eyes of a loving father it was the perfect step.

Those were some of the good times, there were plenty of tough times in between.

The toughest of all though, is something that we all take for granted,

You have a sick tummy, you can say it.

Your head is hurting, you can say it,

Simple words for everyday things.

Its when you are without them that its tough.

If I was told I could have one simple thing, it would be that a father could hear his daughter speak


New Shoots


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

This being my first ever post on a blog I am unsure of exactly what to write.

I have decided that the time is right for me to do something that I have always wanted to do, write a book.

I have visions of my blog being the story of how this book comes together over the next few weeks, months, years or whatever long it takes. Whether or not the actual blog measures up to my vision.. we will wait and see.


I had originally started on the idea of writing an adult crime fiction book and I my thought process was going well, when something that my daughter brought home from art class in school completely changed my plan, I am hoping that this will  prove to have been a piece of divine inspiration.. The story will now be dedicated to my soon to be 9 year old daughter and is a children’s adventure story.. bit of a change of course but hopefully thins will run smoothly from here..