Companion – Todays One Word Prompt

This is my first Forray into the Daily Prompt for quite some time.

I enjoyed getting back at it.

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Dark Companion

“Let’s go Jacob”

“But I don’t want to go”

“It’s time to go, you can’t stay”

“Not yet, please. Just a few more minutes?”

“It won’t do any good Jacob, it’s too late now. You can’t fix this. Staying here will only make it worse. You saw what she wrote about you, this is her fault”

“She didn’t mean those things”

“Then why did she write them?  Face it Jacob, she doesn’t want you around.”

“I don’t believe you, I’m not listening to you anymore, leave me alone!”


“Where have you gone, come back, don’t leave me here on my own.

You said you wouldn’t leave me. I can’t do this on my own…”


“Jacob, its Mum, who are you talking to, open this door right now”

“I’m sorry Mum, it’s too late, it’s time to go, I tried to fix it, but there was too much blood. I’m sorry Mum, forgive me”

Hours later as the bodies were being removed a diary page fell from Jacobs’s hand.


Dear Diary

Jacob scares me a little bit. We used to be friends, I wish that we could be friends again.

I don’t want him to be so angry all the time.

I told Julie that he talks to himself, she says he is not right.

She says I shouldn’t be his friend anymore.

Gemma x


The Gardai are calling it ‘Murder Suicide’

Dear Diary