Why did I do it?


Why did i do it? What was the purpose?

Last year I started to take my whole ‘Writing thing’ quite serious.
I know that I have a book in me, I have the idea, and, without sounding big headed, I think its a Darned fine story. It sounds great in my head, in my imagination it looks even better, movie script sort of stuff.
So after getting my desk and pens and paper and laptop all organized, my mind started to wander, as it does. I started to do what I am sure (or at least I hope) that all aspiring writers have done at some point, I Googled ‘How to be a successful writer’.
Pages and pages and pages of mostly useless information put a halt to any notion I had of writing on that particular day.
The one thing that stuck with me though, was the idea that a blog would help me to get the word out about my impending masterpiece.
So I started this blog, but I have no idea exactly how to make it work for me?
Seeing as this is the first post I have put up about my reason behind the blog and the first mention of my work, then it certainly is not keeping the general population up to date with my progress, which by the way has been pretty slow of late. After an initial mad burst of writing it has slowed to a trickle. Finding time to write in between working and getting the children sorted is proving quite difficult. Maybe this is a project that I need to put aside until retirement? But that could be 25+ years! No I have to find a way.
If anyone has any tips on making the time to get my words down on paper please pass them on.
The one thing that this blog has brought me is creativity. The vast number of challenges that you can undertake, Friday Fictioners, Photo Prompt, Finish the story etc. Wow, there were times when I was stuck on the creative end but they can really get you thinking again and I enjoy reading other writers work and the way the can have a different idea of the same picture. So if nothing else this blog will keep me entertained and thinking, while I am supposed to be working!
Well, I must go and do some work, some of the office colleagues are wondering why I am not on the sales calls so gotta run.
It was good to talk.

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