Horse Justice – Sunday Photo Fiction – April 26th 2015

Every Sunday a new photo is added as a prompt to see what kind of a story the image inspires in you. You should make your story / poem etc around 200 words. Follow the link to for more info
One of my sister's horses. This was just after she rescued it and it was heavily in foal at the time.
Olive stood at the door looking out to the green pastures outside,
”so close and yet so far” she said to herself.
She used to be one of them, running freely in the sun, smelling the flowers and sipping from the fresh stream that ran through  the pasture.
Now she was stick in this dark and stuffy stable, with water that was nothing like the fresh running water in the pasture.
She longed for the refreshing taste of fresh grass and a run, oh what she would give for a run.
For years she had been a favorite of the master.
He took her for a gallop in the fields every morning and every Saturday they would take a trek through the forest and up the mountains.
Oh she missed that.
But she hadn’t seen the master in some time now.
She was older now, had been replaced, by Ruby.
Ruby took everything from her.
Yesterday she saw her chance, some of the younger ones were racing over fences, Olive joined at the last and bumped Ruby in mid air, she took a bad tumble.
The doc was called but it was no good. She had broken her back. She was put to sleep.
Olive suddenly looks excited, the master is coming to visit, perhaps he will let her out to the pasture now.
She whinnies in excitment.
But the doc is there too, he has his gun.
”Oh Olive, what have you done”
244 words

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