Sunday Photo Fiction – Fall of the City

Each week a photo is used as a prompt to get your creative juices flowing. Write a story of around 200 words with inspiration coming from that photo.

This weeks inspired photo is below.

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Pewter dragon ornament

Fall of the City

Agranola Fled down the steps of the Banqueting hall, running in the direction of the dungeons.

The city around her was crumbling. The Agracian army was strong and the cities defenses could not repel their attacks.

The only person who could help was Mustella, her love..

Suddenly there was a deafening roar from above, as Cerpi, the agracian attack dragon, swooped from the sky, destroying everything in his path with fire.

The house of worship was split in two with an earth shattering crash, people fled in every direction trying to get to safety, but there would be no safe place in the city on this night.

Agranola ran faster, her heart beating so hard she thought it may explode. She reached the entrance to the dungeon just as another blast of fire illuminated the night sky, the castle watchtower crashed to the ground.

The entrance was unguarded; all the soldiers had been called to defend their king.

She stopped briefly inside the dungeon hallway to let her eyes adjust to the darkness,

“Mustella” she called “where are you?”

She heard him, a faint mumble from the end cell. As she made her way long the row, she noticed that the other cells had been emptied of their prisoners. The stench of damp and dirty flesh was unbearable but she carried on.

Mustella was in the end Cell, the door lay open, but he sat huddled in the corner.

She ran to him and threw her arms around his broad shoulders. “Mustella, we must flee, we must leave now, before its too late”

She lifted his head towards her eyes, she did not recognize the man looking back at her, blood and tears stained his once handsome face, his hair was chopped short and his eyes were sunken in his head,

“Agranola” he said, with a sadness in his voice “It is already too late”

Hope you enjoyed it

Went a bit over with the word count


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