Aftermath of a hectic day

Its 6pm.

I stand alone,

Its quiet.

I look around and survey the damage.

Cars are lying everywhere, some upside down, some broken.

One sticking out the front window of the fire-station.

But its quiet,

Oh so quiet.

Hard to believe the mayhem that surrounded me just up to an hour ago.,

It had all started this morning,

Just after 8am, the first gentle sounds that would soon grow to the deafening roar of an ensuing cyclone, ripping up everything in its path.

But its quiet now,

I survey the damage,

The kitchen is filled with unwashed dishes and the remains of an uneaten meal, a cupboard door hangs by one hinge, The floor in the hallway still wet from the flooding, soaking wet towels lay in the bath, a reminder of the massive clean up job earlier.

But its oh so quiet.

I tiptoe around debris, making my way down the hallway.

Listening, I hear the peaceful sounds of slumber emanating from the bedroom.

How could it happen, how could she do it.
Leaving me with the 3 of them, all day.
But its oh so quiet now.
I sit, quietly on the bed.
Its been a hell of a day
I don’t know how she does it
This story is dedicated to my wonderful wife.
Working full time, I don’t think I fully appreciated the work that my wife does on a daily basis.
Yesterday, herself and our eldest daughter went for a day out, leaving me with the younger 3, an 8 year old with special needs, 3 year old and 2 month old, and I didn’t even have to get them organized to leave the house at all. It was a hectic day.

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