James Mc Niff : VisDare 94: Splice

Here is my take on Angela Goff‘s Visdare Challenge.


Water Way to Go

Hannah stood at the edge of the lake. The bank on the other side was hidden from view by the mist that seemed to surround her all of a sudden. She suddenly felt cold, her wet clothes stuck to her and her teeth chattered uncontrollably.

”Petra” she called out ”this isn’t funny”

”Where are you”

She clambered across the sharp rocks on the waterline, trying to make her way to dry ground, trying desperately to see clearly through the mist.

Petra had begged her for a picnic by the Lake,

”Please” she had said, ”it will be fun”

Hannah knew she shouldn’t leave the castle grounds. Her father, the King had warned her about the danger these times presented. Hannah eventually gave in, it was a hot day after all. Perhaps a dip in the cool water would be nice.

Then Petra disappeared.

Hannah turned as she heard footsteps behind her….

Word Count 152


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