Vicki Who


Inspiration can come from the strangest places. 

Sitting with my better half watching the world cup final. July is my month to organise date night so I am planning for next week. I need to text one of our babysitters to check if she is free but I am not sure if I have her number in my phone.  There is a Vicki saved but no surname. So I check the better half’s phone and she has the same number saved under Vicki.  I text her and asked her was she free and the reply says I must have the wrong number… I find out that her name is Vicki.  But not our Vicki and yet we both have her number saved with her name. How strange… We have no idea who she is….

I can feel a story here.

But still no babysitter. 



2 thoughts on “Vicki Who

  1. Yes, that would make a good story. You could go in almost any direction with it… Have the phones been bugged? Is there some espionage of some sort? LOL my mind is running wild with the possibilities 😀

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