Visdare69 – The City Will Fall

The Visual Dare

Vis Dare 69
Every Wednesday I post a photographic challenge (sometimes called a “VisDare”) that writers may use to help kickstart their work-in-progress, or use as an individual exercise to get the creative juices flowing again. The challenge is to craft a story based on that photo – in 150 words or less.

Below is this weeks image

The City will Fall

Agranola cowered on the stone wall in front of the banqueting hall, peering around the pillar at the house of worship a top the hill. She had not meant for this to happen. She pulled her wings tightly around her as the winds began to gather strength. The skies were growing increasingly darker and she knew that there was no hiding place.
She was to be wed to Zaroonis. A deal that brought an end to the longest war the land had ever seen.
But her heart belonged to another, Mustella.
Mustella understood her, he loved her for who she was, not for what she would become. But alas, he could never have her for his own.
There was one way they could be together, if marrying Zaroonis was no longer an option. That could only be if Zaroonis was slain.
She had never meant for Mustella to kill his only brother.
And now the armies marched… the city would soon be taken



2 thoughts on “Visdare69 – The City Will Fall

  1. Great take on the prompt McNiff 🙂 I can see the armies marching on the city — rather like when the armies of Mordor marched out of the tower — scary overwhelming stuff.

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