Response to Simple Love

The first bottle of milk, all 10mls of it, was a better feeling than one could imagine..

The first spoon feed, yes it was messy but it was progress

The first successful finger food experience, the first sign that yes, she could be independent.

The first unaided step, perhaps it was a stumble, but in the eyes of a loving father it was the perfect step.

Those were some of the good times, there were plenty of tough times in between.

The toughest of all though, is something that we all take for granted,

You have a sick tummy, you can say it.

Your head is hurting, you can say it,

Simple words for everyday things.

Its when you are without them that its tough.

If I was told I could have one simple thing, it would be that a father could hear his daughter speak



One thought on “Response to Simple Love

  1. All those milestones are so precious. I remember when my kids were little; each milestone was precious. Now I’m enjoying them with my grandchildren — all nine of them 🙂

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